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Building effective teams and groups is a process.

It’s intentional. It’s done by design. Our team of consultants and educators have managed work teams in and out of higher education, non-profits and corporations. One thing remains constant amongst all of these teams.

The energy that leaders put forth early on towards relationships and process aid in the successful development of their team.

Leaders that jump right to task spend exponentially more time attending to personal conflicts and team issues later on. Whether you are putting a new team together – or you have a team who has been together for years – offering support and training on team development and staff building is important.

We partner with organizations who are looking to add “something more” to their next retreat or off-site. We help groups engage others and focus on the process of getting things done while building strong relationships and connections that support the mission and vision of the organization.

And yes – we also team up with groups that need to focus their energy on building the foundations for a strong organization moving ahead. Strategic Planning. Values. Mission. Vision.

Your work is our work.


Below is just a sample of some of the workshops we’ve delivered to other organizations:

Employee Development

  • What’s My Type & Why Does it Matter? – an introduction to personality style and type using the MBTI
  • Creating Influence & Impact – when you’re not in charge how to still get things done
  • Setting & Getting Goals that Matter – a blend of personal and organizational goal setting
  • Cubicle Nation – learning strategies to work with the people you just can’t stand
  • Emotional Intelligence & Your Success at Work – learn how to leverage your EQ for personal and professional success

Supervisory Development

  • The Engagement Factor – how to build the type of commitment needed for great results and retention
  • Situational Leadership – knowing when and what style gets you the results you’re looking for
  • The Business of Improv – bringing lessons on engagement from the comedy stage to the workplace
  • The Fundamentals to Performance Management – providing new managers with tools and ideas to effectively manage workplace performance

I just recently had the opportunity to participate in one of Jeff’s many training sessions – Supervisory Core Retreat at the University of Minnesota. Jeff brought his larger-than-life personality to the training to fully engage all attendees. Jeff, as always, was outgoing, energetic, funny, charismatic, while always maintaining an exceptional level of professionalism throughout the course. Cherie C., Business Solutions Mgr.

Team Development & Performance

  • What’s My Type – using the MBTI  to maximize team results through communication and decision making
  • Using Your Strengths Everyday – using the StrengthsFinder as a tool to build a strengths-based organization
  • Building & Sustaining Teamwork – tools to use for increased engagement and commitment
  • Making Change Stick – how to manage the people side of organizational change

I have utilized Jeff to provide training for my organization on a couple different occasions…In both instances, Jeff was fantastic. His consulting skills were excellent as we prepared for the sessions. I especially appreciated that Jeff was willing to customize and tweak the programs in order to meet our organization’s needs. He listened well and was creative in suggesting ideas and options.

Jeff is also a superb trainer: energetic, engaging, funny, time conscious. While Jeff keeps things moving, he regularly ‘checks in’ with his audience to see that they are tracking with the material/topic, and he always encourages questions and feedback from participants. The manner in which he presents information is very refreshing. Meg S., HR Director

I highly recommend Jeff as an HR consultant/trainer, and I look forward to working with him again in the future


  • Understanding Generations at Work – identifying values and expectations of Boomer, Xers & GenY so you can bridge the generation gap
  • The Art of Conflict – how to engage and harness the energy around conflict and chaos by seeking to understand difference


We might be ideal partners if you…

  • Desire to provide a fresh and innovative approach to your staff development
  • Dream of a way to make training engaging, but just fall short
  • Know that when people LAUGH…they can also LEARN

Contact me today to discuss ideas on amping up your staff development training sessions.  I love nothing more than connecting with people who want to champion others to excel in their work. If that’s you — pick up the phone!