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Orange Slice Training designs and delivers workshops that bridge the gap between the “current reality” and “desired outcome.”

Providing your employees or students with develop opportunities is what’s need most in organizations today. Why? Research shows that when people have the tools to success they are more likely to be ENGAGED with what they do.

You want a vibrant community of ENGAGED people, don’t you?!!?

(Well, we guess “no” is an answer here. And if that’s the case we probably aren’t a good fit for you and your group. If you answered YES – please keep reading and let’s partner together because we have some things in common!)

All of our workshops are crafted with YOU in mind. We want to meet the goals and objectives you have in mind for offering this type of development to your group. Our work is grounded in a positive psychology and strengths-based framework. As Educators our desire is to provide best practices rooted in research – both empirical and the practical.

We’ve presented in a variety of local and national organizations and are regular partners with Associations to provide our expertise in learning and leadership to group members. As a result, we consistently receive an average score of 4.8 out of 5 on our workshop evaluations.

4.8 stars

Contact us at 612-670-0353 or use our CONTACT FORM and let’s begin the conversation.

You can trust you’re making a great decision on this one!